Tales of the Silver Marches

A 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign based in the Forgotten Realms
The moonbridge at silverymoon

Ada Galindo
Isis Princessa
(true neutral monk of Oghma)

Johnathan Galindo
Excalibur Diamondeath
(shield dwarf fighter of Moradin)

Gonzalo Acosta
(moon elf ranger of Mielikki)

Jason Campos
Murphy Brownfoote
(lightfoot halfling cleric of Yondalla)
Dungeon Master

Welcome to Faerun!

This campaign is intentionally run using 3rd edition D&D rules because all players are new to playing D&D and we have not bought the new 4th edition core rulebooks (and I sold my v.3.5 books some time ago, when I never thought I’d play again). Basically, my wife and her brothers were interested in learning how to play and I had a few 3.0 books laying around. And so, I started this small campaign so they can learn to play. Eventually, we will convert to 4th edition, once we have the books, and the Spellplague occurs.

We are recruiting new and experienced players in and around Los Angeles to come play. If you want to join a cool group and can teach a few noobs to play (and like 3rd edition) then contact me.

Crazy and frightening nightmares have been haunting the monks of Candlekeep. After discussing these dreams amongst themselves, they have all decided to warn certain regions of Faerun of the coming Spellplague, which has not come to pass yet. One such monk is Isis Princessa (lawful neutral female monk of Oghma—played by Ada Galindo), who traveled to the Silver Marches Confederacy to warn of the Spellplague’s certain arrival.

She arrived in the fortified city of Everlund on a rainy night when the city gates were shut tight. The following morning, two locals, Excalibur Diamondeath (shield dwarf fighter [originally from Mithral Hall]—played by Johnathan Galindo) and Grammos (true neutral moon elf ranger [originally from the High Forest]—played by Gonzie Acosta) find her lying outside the city gates almost dead. They took her to the Council Elders for advice. Isis warned the Elders about the Spellplague. The six Council Elders realized that this was a matter far beyond the scope of their capabilities, especially since they are in constant need of funding and reinforcements against the orc hordes and other vile monsters that roam the surrounding areas.

And so, they commissioned Diamondeath and Grammos to escort her to the capitol of the Confederacy—Silverymoon—where they would meet the ever-wise and gracious High Lady Alustriel Silverhand of the Seven Sisters and Chosen of Mystra, for more insight on how to deal with the impending doom…

Characters will level up to at least level 3 in pre-planned battles as they gather information about the Spellplague. On the way to Silverymoon from Everlund, the Color of Ambition adventure (level 1) found in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting will be inserted. At some point, Lady Alustriel will recommend the characters to seek out an ancient abandoned stronghold in the Nether Mountains. At this point, the campaign will utilize the Forge of Fury adventure (levels 3-5). Afterwards, they will explore more of the nether Mountains before the Spellplague crisis hits. At that point, the campaign maybe converted to 4th edition rules.

Fellowship of the Spellplague

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