The Elders of Everlund

Six Memeber Council of Elders in Everlund


A heated debate about what to do about the Spellplague is interrupted once the heroes enter Elder Hall. Characters are asked to send a message for clarification and reinforcements. They also hear rumors about missing townsfolk.

First Elder Kayl Moorwalker, First Elder and High Captain and Commander of the Army
(LG human male Ft4/Ari8)
Kayl Moorwalker welcomes the heroes into Elder Hall. He asks heroes to deliver a memo and escort Isis the monk from Candlekeep to Lady Alustriel to assess her warning. As captain of the Army of the Vale, he hopes Alustriel will send more troops for reinforcements. Heroes will be paid 100gp each by Taern Hornblade upon delivery of the memo. He will also explain political structures in Everlund and about the Silver Marches Confederacy generally.

Council Elder Yeshlne Amrallatha
(CG female wood elf Clr10 of Corellon)
Yeshlne Amrallatha complains about the humans on the council especially Malvin Draga and bestows a small boon to elven heroes. She gives only elven heroes a potion of cure minor wounds. She asks characters to investigate the disappearance of two town blacksmiths who were last seen with a woman in the town tavern (see ‘Color of Ambition’ character hooks in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, p.284).

Council Elder Malvin Draga, Keeper of the Bridge
(LE male human Rog8/Ftr3)
Malvin Draga is upset because one of the missing men owes him money. He asks the heroes to find him to make sure he’s not trying to dodge his financial obligations. He is corrupt and disliked by all other council elders. He doesn’t believe Isis or her warning, and seems only concerned about his money.

Council Elder Vaeril Rhuidhen, High Sorcerer
(NG male sun elf Wiz13)
Vaeril Rhuidhen entices heroes to seek out a small wizard enclave that sells discount magical items outside of town on the way to Silverymoon (the Red Wizard enclave).

Council Elder Borun Fendelben, Master of Guilds
(LN male lightfoot halfling Rog4)
Borun Fendelben run’s the Adventuring Guild in Everlund. He has always been impressed by Diamonddeath’s martial prowess and offers him a potion of cure light wounds as a gift for accepting the quest.

Council Elder Sindyl Omoghael, Speaker of the Town
(CG female half-elf Brd4/Exp5)
One of the missing men is a person friend of Sindyl Omoghael. She is particularly drawn to Isis’ warning and offers her a potion of cure light wounds to give him as a gift to give him in case he is hurt. She also recommends that you visit the local temples and make donations.

*see The Silver Marches campaign accessory for details.


Below is the memo sent from the Elders of Everlund to Lady Alustriel (written in common language).

To Our Ever-Wise Leader of Our Beloved Confederacy,
High Lady Alustriel Silverhand,

May Tymora’s luck be bestowed upon you, your kin, and the Confederacy. We the Council Elders of Everlund write to you about an issue of dire peril—a cataclysmic event that is rumored to fall upon our dear lands in the near future. This event was told to us by a traveling monk from the Library of Candlekeep.

Her message was vague. She did not say when or how the event would come to be. She claims to be on a personal quest to alert the Lord’s Alliance. We are sending two of our finest adventurers to escort her to your Highness for inquisition and assessment of her testimony.

As elected leaders of Everlund, we the Council Elders have decided to take this threat seriously. Therefore in order to secure posterity of our Confederacy, we beseech you to send additional reinforcements to our city as soon as possible.

Please keep us updated and as always,
Long live the Silver Marches Confederacy!

Sincerely on behalf of the Council of Elders and the fair people of Everlund,
Kayl Moorwalker,
First Council Elder

The Elders of Everlund

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