Murphy ("Murph") Brownfoote

Cleric of Yondalla and Graduate of the Lady's College in Silverymoon


*see character sheet
played by Jason Campos


Murphy Brownfoot is a healer, a scholar, and a gentleman. He is a graduate of the Lady’s College in Silverymoon and a faithful servant of the hobbit goddess Yondalla. He has always been somewhat nerdy and studious. Taern Hornblade asked him to greet the Everlund envoy at the Silverymoon gates and tour them around the capitol. He worries that Isis’s nightmares about the Spellplague may be true, and somewhat timid about adventuring after being nestled in the comforts and protection of Silverean college life. He also has a secret crush on Isis but afraid to act upon it (size doesn’t matter?).

Murphy ("Murph") Brownfoote

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