Methrammar Aerasumé

Alustriel's half elf son and High Marshall of the Argent Legion


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Methrammar Aerasumé is the half elf son of Lady Alustriel. From his outpost at Rauvinwatch Keep, he greets the players as they set out towards the Forge of Fury. He warns the players about the goblins, orcs, and werewolves as they pass through the Moonwood.

Methrammar Aerasumé also asks the heroes to help him mend relations with his betrothed dryad girlfriend, Dyannica. Apparently, they quarreled recently, and she wont talk to him. He asks the heroes to give Dyannica a small necklace charm that she threw on the ground when they broke up. He hopes it will win her back.


The children of Alustriel of Silverymoon are the offspring of a woman who is both a prestigious ruler and a powerful wizard. Because of their parentage, society pressures the youngsters with high expectations. Methrammar Aerasumé, like many of Alustriel’s children, grew up in the shadow of the lovely radiance of his mother.

Methrammar constantly tries to live up to the standards set by his mother. Early on, he showed a flair for weapons and enjoyed physical training as a fighter. He also showed promise as a wizard and followed in his mother’s arcane footsteps. His diversified interests meant that he fell behind some of his siblings in magical skill, but his martial skill enabled him to develop a significant place for himself in the Silverymoon armed forces.

He quickly rose through the ranks to become the High Marshal of the Argent Legion. He is talented, and he has dedicated himself to the defense of Silverymoon. Despite all his skills, he worries a bit that he gained his position not because of his own merits but because of his mother’s influence. He tries to set this insecurity aside and overcomes it from time to time when he succeeds at particularly challenging tasks.

Currently, he heads a contingent of approximately 400 soldiers in the Rauvinwatch Keep about 15 miles west of Silverymoon. Life there is fairly quiet, and most of the time is spent in training.

His soft-spoken ways and humble manners occasionally cause those who don’t know him to underestimate him. Almost everyone who gets to know him has a healthy respect for his abilities and skills. He’s honest and forthright, with strong ideas about what constitutes right and wrong. His word is his bond, and he’ll do whatever he can to keep a promise. People often comment that he would make a splendid paladin. He gently demures, however, because his heart is dedicated not to a deity or an ideal, but to Silverymoon itself.

Many of the men and women under his command serve in the Argent Legion because of personal loyalty to Methrammar. (See Leadership in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Methrammar has a Leadership score of 21.)

Although his pseudodragon familiar, Beau, occasionally acts in ways that Methrammar is hard-put to understand, Methrammar adores the little creature. The two are usually together, even in combat or dangerous situations, although Methrammar does all he can to protect Beau by using a number of spells such as protection from arrows or magic circle against evil.

Until recently, his half-brother (sharing the same father) Tyresia (LG male elf Wiz15) had been his close companion and cohort. They both very much enjoyed spending time with each other and would create magic items together. During their time crafting items, Methrammar made his own mithral shirt and bastard sword. Unfortunately, Tyresia missed his elven family and decided to return home. As a parting present, he made a special composite oathbow for his brother named “Swiftflight.” The bow is intelligent and has some of Tyresia’s personality, which makes it even dearer to Methrammar. Methrammar misses his half-brother and would welcome a new companion, but he is very particular that any such person holds the same ideals that he does and is also willing to dedicate himself (or herself) to Silverymoon.
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Methrammar Aerasumé

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